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Favorite Images from 2010
A Walk to Little Zig Zag Falls in October '10
Little Zig Zag River, Mount Hood National Forest
A visit to Mount Rainier
Mount Ranier NP
Old time logging re-enactment
Pomeroy House, Washington
Diggins, 1852 gold country re-enactment
Columbia Historic Park, California
2010 Winter Trip
Monument Valley and Arches Natl Park
Ghost Towns of the Southwest
2009 Favorites
50 Favorite Images from 2009
Autumn in the Woods
Wilson River Highway, Oregon
Day Trip to Zoo and Japanese Garden
Washington Park, Portland
Washington Renaissance Faire
Washington Renaissance Faire in Buckley, WA
Renaissance Faire
Canterbury Renaissance Faire in Silverton, OR
Trip - 2009
2009 Trip: Grand Tetons, Nebraska, New York, Indiana, Colorado, Wyoming
2008 Favorites
50 Favorite Images from 2008
Autumn drive
From the Buxton Trestle to Fish hawk falls
Silver Falls in Autumn
Silver Falls State Park
Old Time Logging
Historic Logging Demonstration, Pomeroy House
Little ZigZag Rivers
Little ZigZag River and falls, Mt Hood Natl Forest.
Preparing the ground
Champoeg Hay Project: Champoeg State Historic Park
Bringing in the hay
Champoeg Hay Project: Champoeg State Historic Park
Images taken April 24,25 2008
Renaissance Faire, Forest Grove, Washington County, Pam's Yard
Arizona Trip - Feb 08
Anza Borrego Dessert, Puerto Penasco, Yuma, Sedona area, February 2008
Butte Creek Mill
Butte Creek Mill, Eagle Point, Oregon, June 2007
Snow Day
Snow Day 2006 January 16 2007, Beaverton, Oregon
Harvest Time
August 2006: Threshing Bee, Dufur, Oregon
Japanese Garden
June 2006: Japanese Garden, Portland Oregon
Medieval Faire
March 2006: Pacific University - Forest Grove
Winter Gallery
Winter, 2005: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Columbia River Gorge Oregon
Dufur Threshing Bee Gallery
These photos were taken at the Dufur Threshing Bee field work demonstration, August 13, 2005.
Dufur Threshing Bee Parade Gallery
These photos were taken of the parade which opened the Dufur Threshing Bee. Dufur, OR, August 13, 2005
Spring Plowing Gallery
These photos were taken during the Draft Horse Plowing Demonstration at the Washington County Historical Museum, May 2005
Tall Ships Gallery
These photos were taken during the opening parade of ships at the Tacoma Tall Ships Festival 2005
Country Scenery Gallery
These photos were taken on a cross country trip in November 2004.
Eagle Creek Trail
These photos were taken along the Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia River Gorge. February 2005
Winter at the coast Gallery
These photos were taken at the Oregon coast in January 2005.
Arizona Gallery
These photos were taken on our vacation trip to Arizona in April 2002.
Canada Gallery
These photos were largely taken late summer in 2001 when we drove Canada Route 1 from Lake Superior to British Columbia.
Coast Gallery
These photos were taken over several years at the Oregon coast. Several locations are represented but most are on the Northern coast.
Local Gallery
These photos are largely from the Portland Oregon area, again collected over the years.
New York Gallery
I was born and raised in rural Western New York. These photos are from that general vicinity.
Ohio Gallery
These photos are from Northeastern Ohio and South Central Ohio.
Oregon Gallery
Most of these photos were taken on a trip from Portland to Baker, Oregon and back in the summer of 2003.
Photo Art Gallery
You will recognize some of these images from other pages. Others are not included in this collection. All of these images have been manipulated to some extent, some extensively.
Clackamas River Gallery
These photos were all taken at the Clackamas River, about 30min from Portland
Thrashing Demonstration Gallery
Recently we attended an antique tractor show in Brooks, Oregon. These images were taken during a thrashing demonstration. It was the first time I'd seen a thrashing machine operate in 50 years.

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